On 20th June I went along to hear Janet Stafford talk to us about her work for Torch Trust in Malawi and to tell us how the money we had raised at Priory had been used. Members of the Torch Fellowship and church and people from the neighbourhood shared a buffet tea with her and then we had – Priory Has Talent. Open to everyone, there were 14 very good acts

  • Ruth sang “Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz”.

  • Charlie and Christopher did a sketch called “A day at the vets about an invisible dog which was hilarious.

  • Little Jamie strummed his guitar and we all sang “Lord of the Dance”.

  • David Collinson gave us an organ recital.

  • Claire sang “Drink to me only with thine eyes”.

  • The Girls Brigade played “Shine Jesus Shine” as well as one of their competition pieces. They won 5 awards in a national competition.


  • Aisha sang to us

  • Barbara told us two funny stories – one of them by Pam Ayres

  • Wendy (guitar) and Carmel played and sang together and then were joined by two other folk from Doncaster as well.

  • Len told jokes – he so much enjoyed them that he could not stop laughing at them himself. He also did a bit of a Tommy Cooper impression.

  • Anita sang “One day at a time”

  • David Seddon played “Bridge over troubled waters”

  • Jordan played the guitar and Debbie sang

  • Charlie and Christopher did another sketch titled “A day at the Gym”. Again it was very very funny, with Edna as a reluctant volunteer sat on a chair blindfolded and lifted up into the air!

  • Finally a rip roaring ending with Claire, Carmel, and Ella doing the Can-Can very energetically in red dresses made by Claire.



We ended with a song for the over 70s written by Charlie to the tune of “Underneath the lamp-post”


After the entertainment Janet Stafford showed us pictures from Malawi and described everything to us. She told us some very moving stories – especially about an 18 year old boy with epilepsy and visual impairment whose mother had always had to carry on her back. What a thrill it was for them to receive a wheelchair!


Girls were delighted to get skipping ropes and some of the boys received skittles. One group of boys got some small lorries which were the first toys they had ever had.


There were many more tales told, examples of how we can use our hands to help people spread the Gospel. Janet also shared how the poor folk always want to give her something from the little that they have, without being asked. This year is a special one for Torch Trust as they are celebrating their 50th anniversary as well as the Louis Braille centenary.


Florence Williamson



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